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This could happen to you too

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I was invited to the introduction party of a campaign called ‘It could happen to you too’, initiated and executed by the Dutch NGO called VVN, the organization promoting safe traffic in The Netherlands. This organisation is very active in prevention when it comes down to any kind of alleged problems one encounters when joining the crowded and often dangerous Dutch traffic.
Regularly VVN launches campaigns which aim at a ‘problems’, either instrumental or mental. ‘This could happen to you too’ fits in the latter category and deals with the grieve of the next of kin of traffic casualties.

The director of VVN announced that this campaign is viral. So, what does it do and what do you do? Well, first of all, you will have to find the URL. I guess that will be communicated through the press and in print. Then you can click on the tab that says ‘video’s’. In those videos we see a relative talking about what he/she feels and what actually happened. These films are well made, I’d say overly well. They are very human. Nothing wrong yet. All attendants were quite when exposed to these films. A propos, there was a singer. She sangs sad songs that enhanced the tear-picking atmosphere.

Last year I had a student who worked on an other viral campaign for VVN. Although this campaign was really successful, the organization decided not to continue due to whatever kind of internal ramble. The campaign was called”‘Sorry gesture’ and aimed at (younger) people who would have a gesture for near accidents and incidents in traffic. The pre-run of the campaign was so viral that, within a few days, close to 25000 people voted for their favorite gesture. So what does VVN do now? They kindly ask us to download one of those dramatic (and in my experience ever lasting) films and mail them to a friend. That’s basically it.

Please tell me why? Why should I do this? What behavior should I adopt? Will sending you a film about somebody you and I don’t know help us become safer traffic partners? I have no clue what VVN wants us to do. Sorry!

If you read Dutch, check out their web site


Written by Kees Winkel

December 12, 2007 at 09:58

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  1. That is truly a HORRIBLE site to visit! The navigation is horrible and it isn’t really clear what they want me to do.
    If they would’ve put out a game or something where you’re a bicyclist trying to avoid drunk drivers (just a thought) I would at least get the point AND they might even have me sharing that game with a few friends. But now what am I supposed to do on their website??

    And by the way… why is it all of a sudden called VVN again, after a few years I’d just gotten used to their unfancy name of 3VO. Quite confusing…


    January 17, 2008 at 11:53

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