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Have you ever come to your room and looked at your monitor? How many stickis were, more or less randomly ordered, stuck on the screen? Quite a way of starting the day, huh?
A colleague of mine, Jelke de Boer, who’s experiencing the same problem, sent me a link with the answer, stickis.com.  This it what it does.

You download the little tool and start posting stickis on blogs, sites, you name it. Depending on your settings, the owner of a site can read and or delete the little virtual yellow sticky paper. Otherwise, if you set the sitcki to be public, everyone can read your little post. You may add a link, a picture, viseo, sound, whatever. I think it is ingenious. It could even change the entire blogosphere as it is.

All of a sudden we have a new and powerful little tool to relate (communicate). Just imagine. You go to the homepage of your favorite news paper and stick a comment. I bet the editor is not going to be that happy. After all, it is his paper, you should only read it. Right? And then, if you want to contribute your remark, there’s always the paper’s forum. Right?

Sure. But why? Professional journalists don’t like to be criticized in public and on the spot. Their job is serious. Mass amateurism will only lead to shallowness. It takes a professional to tell us what has happened and how we should interpret that news. Right?

If a site is public, in my opinion it is the reader’s right to respond, react, revolt. Informing others almost always leads to reaction. Action – reaction. Fair enough. So now there’s this little tool that facilitates us to react and I think it’s great.


Written by Kees Winkel

December 18, 2007 at 12:48

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  1. Nice, I have just started using it. I could also recommend StumbleUpon, something rather different, but nonetheless, one of the the most compelling apps out there, for me it made bookmarking obsolete and its the real first app. that stumbles you into pages you have never seen/heard of before, based on your personal interest. Check it out.

    btw: did you sticky your own blog?

    Siem Vaessen

    December 24, 2007 at 13:48

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