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Call For Questions about Behavioral Targeting (BT)

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I came upon this request through my regular mail, kees.winkel@hu.nl. This one was posted by Steve Smith through MediaPost Publications and I hope I am permitted to pass the word on. Let me quote the second section of Steve’s post.

“Clearly there is a need for a meeting of the tribes around behavioral targeting, even if the topic is amorphous. We would like your help in nailing BT down as a locus of conversation that best serves our audience of media buyers, content providers and interactive marketers. As people fish around BT from all different angles and at varied levels of expertise, it is not always easy to identify the pressing questions an audience most wants asked and answered. And so, as I move into the final stages of programming OMMA Behavioral for Feb. 12, I turn to our readers for some input. We want to make this a more interactive conference by soliciting questions and key topics from our readers that we can pose to our panelists during the day and also use to shape the panel agendas with our moderators. The panels will be outlined at the show site in a matter of days, but here are the general subjects to which you can direct questions. Send them to me at popeyesmith@comcast.net and I will ask our moderators to include them on their agenda for their respective sessions”.

Steve’s blog is http://blogs.mediapost.com/behavioral_insider/?p=231. Go and have a look. It is interesting to me and I will follow this initiative.



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December 29, 2007 at 22:32

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