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A congress revisited

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I would have liked to expect that the 900 Euro congress on Crossmedia and marketing in Amsterdam last week would have enlightened me to some extend, given me new insights or at least some kind of inspiration. Alas, reality gave me two introductions – basically selling stories – and a number of cases.
Cases are not bad. If you are in research, it is good to hear from companies that initiate different Crossmedia campaigns. I now have a pile of cases that are not mine or the Research Group’s.

The first introduction was by a media agency. As you may know, media agencies are pretty much in despair. They are looking for alternative ways to earn money. Their traditional earning logics are evaporating by the day. This is nothing new. I remember about four years ago when I was discussing new approaches for media agencies in Helsinki. Up to now, I have not seen any dramatic or astonishing new business ideas in this sense despite the numerous attempts to in innovate the media agency business.

The second introduction was a report done by a Dutch banker on four future scenarios about crossmedia savvyness of companies. I’ll skip elaborating on the scenarios because I believe they are not really interesting (they range from consolidation to die hard chaos). The research has been conducted from the entrepreneurial perspective, meaning that common folk was not asked what they think will happen in the near future. Of course, it is obvious that companies are looking into crossmedia approaches but when will the idea sink in that it is vox populus that increasingly reigns the rapid evolution of media usage?

Perhaps the case of Endemol, the format master from Holland (Big Brother and some 900 different formats) was the best to illustrate what I mean. This company has a very pragmatic approach: It’s what the people want what they produce; at least when it comes down to Endemol’s most profitable formats. The idea is simple. When people micro-blog (Twitter) and like SMS, then that’s what they get. And that is what Endemol’s research is all about; simple and effective.

All in all I would say that my decision to go to that type of congresses in the future would depend on the level of professional insight they provide. That is not arrogance but professional curiosity. And that’s what I want.

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January 28, 2008 at 14:45

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Research Group Crossmedia Contents now officially in business

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Last Thursday, Dr. Harry van Vliet, lector with the Research Group Crossmedia Content of our faculty was inaugurated and gave his ‘public lesson’ (maiden speech) ‘Idola of the Crossmedia’. Finally, our research group is now official and, along with my colleague research fellows, I congratulate Harry with his appointment. Here is a brief excerpt of his speech. 

The possibilities to consume information have expanded considerably over the last few years. The Internet and mobile phones are the vanvlietpenn.jpgbest examples. More and more, different media are used next to each other. The same television show can be seen on television, via the Internet and on your cell phone. This phenomenon we call crossmedia. The Research Group’s assignment is to put into practice new insights in the field of crossmedia. It is a broad field mainly because digitization has a fundamental impact in many sectors. The research group – as part of the Lecturate (readership) of crossmedia – chooses four fields of coverage: media, cultural heritage, e-learning and marketing. Besides this, there are three more generic questions that are leading in our research: the question of the added value of crossmedia, the question of user experience in crossmedia and the question of crossmedia literacy. The research group conducts research on the tangent place of the application areas and the generic research questions with a direct line to education. 

If you are interested in the research group, please visit http://www.crossmedialab.nl/. We’d appreciate your input (sit on-line since 10 January 2008. (picture by Jan Willem Groen)

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January 12, 2008 at 11:38

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