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An experience; content (cross media) and collaborate identity

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May 4 is a very important day, specifically at 20.00. This day we commemorate all those who died or suffered the unbelievable ordeals of wars and other human crime since world war 2. I live in Amsterdam and today my wife and I went to Dam square. We hurried to be there in time. At eight o’clock the whole country respects two minutes silences. The queen, her prince of Orange, his wife and many officials were at the Dam, along with veterans (old and young), boy and girl scouts, assisting the old men and women who fought for our freedom and, I don’t know, perhaps three thousand ordinary people (I really don’t know how many people fit Dam square, but it’s a lot). Dam square was full as it had never been before.

Then there was the announcement. The officials appeared on stage to place the floral wreaths. First the queen. Then two minutes of silence. WHAT A SILENCE. All those people completely quiet. The silence of identity? I am glad to believe so because I feel so.

From my professional point of view, I experienced a cross media event I have never experienced before because I was right in the middle of it and I was into it (touched). We stood in front of a hugh screen that showed us all that was going on at the foot of the national monument, a mere thirty meters away but unreachable because of the crowd in fornt of us. Tears, wreaths, decorations. True emotions, some sentiment. Honesty. Impressiveness. Silence, that intense silence. I couldn’t help thinking about my own dad who had been professionally engaged in at least 20 wars after worldwar 2 (he came out of it as a 13 year old kid and served his life as an officer, he used call himself a peace officer. And so he was.). Other thoughts. My mother and her family, liberated by the Scottish (my aunt married my now uncle John from Perth right after the war). Current warfare. Dutch kids fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Fucking wars; nobody has ever given me any good reason to kill others. WHY?.

Professional again: big screens, life bobo appearances, real emotions and a crowd that was quite, collaboratively. Very quite. I would say that we experienced our identity at Dam square. We were all one, regardless of our color of skin, color of eyes, religion or any other outside characteristics that make us all unique, but better, make us an identifiable group of people who shares common values an culture.

What an experience. Cross media in its fullest and content that I experienced as real. Tomorrow is May 5. We will celebrate our victory over tyranny and our freedom.

Guess I am touched by momentary feelings. Guess I want wars to stop. Guess we can help by studying what people drive and how they communicate.


Written by Kees Winkel

May 4, 2008 at 20:10

One Response

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  1. Kees,

    As a former student I subscribed to your RSS feed out of curiousity some time ago. I was touched and inspired today about your honoust and open observation of your experience on May 4th and the link you make with your field of interest/study.

    I’ll keep following your blog with great interest!


    Gijs van den Hoven
    former student Digital Communications


    May 7, 2008 at 07:13

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