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2011 Mumbling away (just for once)

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I’ve got a couple of things I would like to share with you. First of all: happy New Year! Since it is the 6th, this is still allowed in our culture and as our website enjoys an increasing number of viewers, I consider this my last best whishes for 2011 to all.

Secondly I would like to thank everybody who has given me strength over the last five and a half months. I am recovering rapidly and look forward to pick up the pieces again fully by the 1st of February.

Number three. I found a little something regarding who was suing whom for patent infringement in the mobile landscape by the end of last year.

As the writer of that article points out, the chart was based on bad data but still gives a good depiction of how companies can lame others (and themselves) in terms of innovation. Read the whole story at Cult of Mac. Isn’t it strange to see that Nokia is sort of leading the pack?

Number four. w3schools.com has published some OS statistics. Most popular OS platform in 2010 is Windows XP. For those who say huh? These OS’s are for desk tops, laptops, notebooks but not smart phones.

And according to an article in Wikipedia, the most used mobile OS is Symbian with a dazzling 36.6% global market share in Q3 2010.

Number five. Geek.com announced back in November 2010: The Symbian Foundation is going on life-support and Symbian OS will be the next to die. For those who are not really into mobile, Symbian was at one time the most prestigious operating system in the world. Hence, nowadays Android is the apparent new runner up in OS’s.

Conclusion. With Nokia leading the Symbian movement that once started as an (more or less) ideological enterprise an Symbian loosing ground, why should it bother to sue on patents. Suing costs money. A lot of money. Anyway. You may also take a closer look and try to figure out why ‘who is suing who’. It may explain a lot about where we, as simple and ignorant consumers, are heading in the mobile world. I bet 2011 will show us some pretty nice new directions.


Written by Kees Winkel

January 6, 2011 at 20:29

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