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Three disasters and smartphones

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We’ve had two disasters this week. Or better, three. The prime is of course the immense catastrophe in Japan. Mother Nature must be mad. But that is a catastrophe nobody can do anything about. The second however is the disaster with the nuclear plant in Japan. That is a thing made by people. I reckon the melt-down (or near melt-down) could have been avoided and fires up the discussion on the issue. The third is of a more local proportion; three helicopter pilots of the Royal Dutch Navy who were taken hostile while trying to rescue a dutch guy from Libya a week and a half ago. Silly, silly, silly. So here I am with my motto: never trust a politician (except the one who also is a colleague at the faculty). Have a look at the news. You must agree that we are being lied at. The answer to the pack of lies is to get a smartphone as Ryan Kim elaborates in his GiGaOm article. It is worth reading here.



Written by Kees Winkel

March 13, 2011 at 11:03

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