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Land line down, mobile up

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With KPN being the #1 mobile provider in the Netherlands (market share approx. 40%) and T-Mobile and Vodafone running it up with both and approx. 25 – 30%, the Dutch mobile market has finally swapped from steady lines to mobile, says Opta in its ‘Marktmonitor’, published yesterday. The facts and fugures tell a solid growth story of one of the key elements of Dutch mobile life; we are now making more phone calls with our cell phones than with our formerly bakelite, mounted to the wall, land line telephones we need to go to once belling instead of searching our trouser pockets for an ultimate small device one may also use as a phone; our mobile, handy, cell, what ever you want to call it.

Opta, as you may know is Holland’s telephone data transmission watchdog and consumer-provider moralist and is thus being regarded reliable. So one may assume that the marktmonitor is correct and scientifically validated. But even if the measuring would have been insecure, the differences between land line and mobile ‘calling the girl that I’m late’ is significant enough to believe that it is true. So, why am I so excited about this fact?

Well, way back in 1996 when running a small ad agency in the wonderful city of Maastricht, I was a member of De Maatschappij voor Handel en Nijverheid, an ancient old boys network doing their get together lunches at the renowned  Hotel Prinses Juliana (two Michelin stars at the time) in Valkenburg. At a certain lunch, Mr. John de Wit (check out his statements on subscriptions in 1996; amazing) of a company called Libertel (now known as Vodafone) enlightened the audience (and me in particular) over his vision that not long from now everybody will be telephoning mobily instead of land-lined. We all thought the guy was a fruit cake.

Dear John. I would like to apologize for my youthful and arrogant misbelieves, way back in the nineties. I have to admit, you were right from the start. And never again will I make the same mistake of having an opinion about something that touches me but of which I have no clue to even remotely suggest that I have an opinion; I shall shut up in cases of not knowing (yet).

Happy Easter everyone.


Written by Kees Winkel

April 21, 2011 at 14:36

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