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Android surpasses iPhone by August 2011

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According to Research2Guidance, a Berlin based mobilie research specialist, the Android Market continued its growth in April 2011. It will overtake the Apple App Store and become the biggest distribution platform for smartphone applications worldwide (in terms of app numbers) by August 2011.

By the end of April:

  • App numbers reached almost 295,000
  • In April 28,000 new apps were added to the market, which means that it grew 2.5 times faster than Apple App Store
  • Paid app share remained constant at 36%.
  • Amongst the major app platforms Android Market is still the one with the highest share of free apps, but new adds show a slight increase in paid app share (40%).
  • Average selling price grew by 2% to US$ 3.23 in April.
  • Top 5 categories comprise 55% of all Android Market apps.
  • ‘Games’ was the fastest growing category.
  • Given the same growth rates, ‘Games’ will become the No.1 category in July 2011.

Android Market is the fastest growing app store today. The Android Market had a slow start when it was launched. Since October 2010 it overtook Apple in terms of new application uploads. Currently it shows growth rates twice as high as Apple’s App Store. Given the same growth rates as in April, Android Market would overtake Apple’s App Store within next 3-4 months.

As of the end of April, Android Market features 294,738 apps. In April 28,000 new applications were added to the Android Market, compared to 11,000 apps added to the Apple App Store. Both market leaders add more apps to their stores every month as other platforms have in total. Android offers 188,000 free apps, which makes it the biggest platform for free content worldwide. Only 36% of its content is paid, whereas most of other app stores tend to have more than 60% paid content. The share of paid apps varies greatly among categories. While paid apps account for only 11% in ‘News & Magazines’, ‘Personalization’ content features over 77% paid apps. The “paid content” trend, which has been visible over the last few months, continued in April. This month the share of paid apps amongst total adds averaged 40%.

I’ll give you the figures from Research2Guidance. I think they need no elaboration.


Written by Kees Winkel

May 6, 2011 at 10:07

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