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3 Reasons Marketing Agencies Need to Collaborate with their Clients

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A former boss of mine had a great turn of phrase for the almost fatal independence he thought some internal project teams were given – he called it the “bat and bow syndrome.” It referred to how management, either sensing an opportunity or panicking, would give an in-house innovation team the assignment of coming up with the company’s next big idea. This team would accept its mission, and head off to brainstorm. They would take the best idea they came up with, put a big “bow” on it, and present it back to management. But because management knew nothing of the process, the research conducted or the insights used to come up with the idea, they would react like people sometimes do to new ideas – deem them unfeasible and risky, and bash them into smithereens with a “bat.” Hence the Bat and Bow.

Online marketing companies pitching and selling inbound strategies need to be wary of the bat and bow themselves. They’re being brought on board to implement new tactics, likely aimed at transformational goals and measured by unfamiliar metrics. The smartest thing these companies can do is collaborate with their clients from day one. Inbound marketing is an organic process, and leaving your client on the sidelines for the ramp-up stage makes little sense for either side.

1. Collaboration Helps You Achieve Results Faster

2. Collaboration Gets You Buy-In

3. Always Be Testing

Read the full monty via 3 Reasons Marketing Agencies Need to Collaborate with their Clients.


Written by Kees Winkel

May 15, 2011 at 10:01

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