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PSFK’s Future Of Mobile Tagging – PSFK

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PSFK’s Future of Mobile Tagging Report presents key trends in the mobile tagging space, so as to inspire marketers and their creative agencies about the future use of technologies that include QR codes, barcodes and Microsoft Tags in their branding activity and communication campaigns.

Mobile tags offer a unique opportunity for brands and their agencies to interact with potential and existing customers. These two dimensional barcodes can be applied to almost any surface and the information contained within them can be leveraged to create incentives and drivers that lead consumers along the purchase path.

By bridging the online-offline divide with a click of a mobile phone button, mobile tags can drive a brand or product’s awareness. In this report we look at how companies are using competitions and gaming to engage a new audience.

When a shopper scans a mobile tag, they can also gather a deeper level of information that will help them decide about the purchase of a product. Marketers are using the technology to provide an insider’s view about a brand—and they are also using the mobile tag to provide immediate status updates sent directly to a customer’s phone.

Mobile tags can support the purchase stage. Opportunities being explored by brands and their agencies include the ability to scan-to- pay and also the offering of loyalty rewards.

Beyond the purchase, marketers can use the technology to enhance customer service. For example, how-to instructions can be made easily accessible with the simple capture of a mobile tag.

Mobile tags provide an exciting opportunity to interact with customers in ways not previously available to marketers. This report shines a light on to the work of other marketers to both inspire you and present some mobile tagging options as you consider your next campaign.

via PSFK’s Future Of Mobile Tagging – PSFK.


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May 29, 2011 at 12:52

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