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What If Everyone on Twitter Read the Same Book? Tech News and Analysis

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Social activity around books and reading used to be limited to Oprah-style book clubs or the occasional reading by an author, but social tools like Twitter and Facebook have amplified and extended the ability to discuss and recommend books in new directions. Now Jeff Howe, the author and journalism professor who coined the term “crowdsourcing,” wants to take that a step further and use Twitter to create the world’s largest virtual book-reading club. Howe is partnering with The Atlantic magazine on a project called 1book140 that starts on June 1 and will Twitter-fy one book a month as selected by users.

Howe’s venture is an extension of a project he pioneered last year called One Book, One Twitter, which saw more than 12,000 people participate in a Twitter-based discussion about Neil Gaiman’s book American Gods. Howe has said he was disappointed when the project ended, and the venture with The Atlantic is an attempt to turn that phenomenon into an ongoing effort instead of a one-off.

via What If Everyone on Twitter Read the Same Book? Tech News and Analysis.


Written by Kees Winkel

May 29, 2011 at 20:02

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