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How to create new engagement for abandoned apps – Mobile Commerce Daily – Columns

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There I was, staring at my computer screen. Confused. Then it occurred to me, I was trying to find an iPad application – on my computer. My mobile life had collided with my computer life.

My brain was trained to seek the quickest way to the content I was seeking and that was through an app. This simple capture error made me notice something else.

As tethered to my phone as I am, I am still not using the bulk of my collected apps. I have abandoned them.

Lowdown on download

As I swiped through my iPad to get to the desired app, I sorted through the clutter I have made of my screens.

Folders stuffed with apps, favorite apps sitting proudly alone, and downloaded and rarely used apps increasingly pushed further from my app life ground zero.

I can swipe for pages through all the colorful and cool apps I have downloaded, and rarely used. All neatly stacked and abandoned.

It might be out of sight, out of mind for me.

But for brands, the occurrence of app abandonment can mean the loss of a critical touch point with an audience.

Just as site metrics are no longer about unique visitors, but rather the level of engagement, the same criteria are now being asked of apps. Not how many apps were downloaded, but how many were used on an ongoing basis in a relationship.

As documented by Localytics, a mobile analytics company, roughly a quarter of the time, apps were used once and abandoned.

If consumers were motivated enough to take the time to download an app, how can they be recaptured for a second attempt – this time to establish relevance and relationship?

via How to create new engagement for abandoned apps – Mobile Commerce Daily – Columns.


Written by Kees Winkel

June 1, 2011 at 10:04

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