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Iceland: How A Volcano Inspired People Power And A New Communications Model – PSFK

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Dateline: April 14th 2010 — Eyjafjallajökulll explodes and powers plumes of ash, smoke and volcanic dust into the air. This cloud carries with it not just ash, but a country’s economic fragility, already declining tourist numbers, and globally negative perception. The effect of the Ash cloud could have been catastrophic to Iceland’s future as Tourism had become Iceland’s lifeline. In the aftermath, tourism was predicted to decline by 22%.

Fast forward to May 2011, another volcano, more disruption to global travel. Yet the impact isn’t predicted to be as bad after an incredible year which has seen the Inspired by Iceland campaign increase positive sentiment, deliver 60m views of live cams and most importantly grow tourist numbers adding £138.7 to the Icelandic economy.

How did we get here? In April 2010, Inspired by Iceland developed a new model for tourism communications. One which would help create a long-term and sustainable effect on Icelandic tourism, rather than the short-term effect that many tourism campaigns see. Rather than targeting tourists on the outside, Inspired by Iceland worked with the Icelandic Government to unite their 318,000 citizens behind the heart of the message.

via Iceland: How A Volcano Inspired People Power And A New Communications Model – PSFK.


Written by Kees Winkel

June 2, 2011 at 18:50

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