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10 Essential Tips to Make Your Call to Action Buttons Effective, Tripwire Magazine

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A call to action button plays a very important role in a website. As the description suggests, it tells the visitors of your website to perform an act that you want them to perform, in order to achieve the very purpose of your website. With it, you can tell them to buy, to read more, to download, to sign up or anything. Of course, you can do that by using nothing but texts with hyperlinks, but buttons especially ones with pleasant visual appearance are far more effective for the purpose. That is why,  they become a standard in web design.

Since the success or failure of the call to action buttons means life or death to a website, it is therefore important that you follow good practices in choosing, designing and placing your call to action buttons on your web page. You cannot afford to put them anywhere or they will not serve their purpose. Thus, to achieve maximum effect, it is gravely necessary that you follow the rules in designing call to action buttons. You can dispense with some design rules because they are not at all significant, but there are rules with far reaching effects that you have to follow. What we will cover are few examples of them.

Verily, we are giving some essential tips on what to consider to make your call to action buttons effective in this post. You will surely find this useful whether you are a designer, a developer or an internet marketer. These include some basic principles that you might have overlooked yet important to your website.

via tripwire magazine – Graphic and Web Design Blog.


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June 3, 2011 at 18:46

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