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Mobile Blog Digest for May: Carnival of the Mobilists #249 « Francisco Kattan

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Francisco Kattan has the pleasure to host this month’s Carnival of the Mobilists.  If you are new to the Carnival, it is a digest of the best mobile blogging for the previous month.  Please join the conversation by contributing your posts and hosting in the future.

Last month we had a good mixture of analysis and round up type blog posts.  I selected the ones that I thought were more insightful and/or contained practical advice for developers or marketers.  Be sure to check out my pick of the month at the bottom of this article.

If you are a developer, Sean Thompson, VP of Production at GOSUB 60, wrote a nice piece on the WIP blog to help you decide if your app should be free.  The top grossing apps are free to download and are monetized through in-app purchases, but should you also monetize your app this way?  Sean helps you decide by considering five key questions.

If you are considering building your retirement nest egg with mobile affiliate marketing, you should think twice before you take the plunge.   James Coops from MobyAffiliates explains that while many conditions for making money from mobile affiliate marketing are coming into place, a number of barriers still remain. Take a look as his post Is it Possible to Make Money from Mobile Affiliate Marketing?  If you decide to not take the plunge with mobile affiliate marketing, you may want to consider mobile coupons.  Russel Buckley, Chief Marketing Officer of Eagle Eye Solutions, believes that mobile coupons will be the the next billion dollar market.  Despite the company promotion in the article, it is worth a read.  Russel explains why the largest physical good advertisers such as Procter & Gamble have stayed on the sidelines when it comes to digital advertising and predicts that mobile coupons will cause these advertisers to make a serious move into digital.

via Mobile Blog Digest for May: Carnival of the Mobilists #249 « Francisco Kattan.


Written by Kees Winkel

June 3, 2011 at 08:37

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