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McDonald’s Brilliant Interactive Billboard Campaign – Social Media

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We thought we had seen every type of app and interactive billboard campaign under the sun until we came across this brilliant one from Mcdonald’s that the company ran in Sweden recently. The concept is a simple one in that users get to control the billboard and turn it in to a personal game. By completing the game in 30 seconds win coupons for free food in the nearest Mcdonald’s restaurant.

What is especially interesting about this technology is that you don’t actually have to download an app, which normally causes quite a big barrier to entry. Instead the phone picks up your location and you can join the game via a website address. Not only is this some of the most interactive and engaging marketing that we have seen in some time but it also drives people into the Mcdonald’s restaurants to redeem their coupons. It’s interesting to see more and more campaigns combining mobile and billboards and it’s a trend that we will probably see accelerating over the coming years. Hats off to Mcdonald’s on a great campaign…

via McDonald’s Brilliant Interactive Billboard Campaign – Social Media.


Written by Kees Winkel

June 5, 2011 at 10:41

2 Responses

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