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SPECIAL REPORT: The Future Of Mobile

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Can you believe it’s been four years since Apple started selling the iPhone at the end of June, 2007?

That was a real turning point in the mobile industry.

Since then, smartphones have evolved from an expensive luxury to a common tool.

Things that didn’t exist — the App Store, Angry Birds, Google Android — are now everyday realities for a lot of people.

Companies that were doing well four years ago — Motorola, Nokia, Palm, RIM, and Microsoft — are now trying to mount comeback efforts after losing their footing.

But as much as the mobile industry has grown and changed since then, it’s just getting started. Most people still don’t use the Internet on their phones, or download apps. They will, but it will take time, and more evolution of the industry.

So what’s coming? Faster and cheaper phones, brighter screens, better Internet access, and more games, of course. (And plenty more, according to a panel of experts we asked.)

via SPECIAL REPORT: The Future Of Mobile.


Written by Kees Winkel

June 7, 2011 at 11:02

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