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Faberge highlights legacy with iPad app – Luxury Daily – Mobile

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Russian jeweler Faberge launched an iPad application that takes cues from Russia’s Silver Age to engage aspirational consumers by showcasing the brand’s legacy and history.

The app was inspired by Mir Iskusstva, an influential art movement in the early 1900s that brought together intellects such as Leon Bakst and Coco Chanel.  Recently launched Jun 15, the app includes six stories in varying visual and audio formats.

“For a brand like that that has such a deep history, and an international history that people might not know about, it’s hard to communicate that through a page in a magazine,” said Todd Bowman, senior vice president of appssaavvy, New York.

“But in an app you can get people to understand that it was jewelry for the czars,” he said.

“History is really important for an iconic brand,” he said.

Artistically app-ed

Fabrege was founded in 1842 and quickly become a favorite of the Romanov family, Russian Royalty, and won the Grand Prix at the 1900 World Fair.

During the Russian Revolution, the Fabrege family lost control of the company and did not regain it until 2007.

The company started reselling its high-end jewelry line in 2009.

The Mir Faberge app aims to bring together today’s artists such as photographers, directors, film makers, actors, dancers, artists, illustrators, composers, writers and costume designers.

These talents worked together to create six stories for Mir Fabrege that play on the company’s legacy, tales and anecdotes from Peter Carl Faberge’s life.

via Faberge highlights legacy with iPad app – Luxury Daily – Mobile.


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June 17, 2011 at 11:09

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