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It’s time to touch your photos with Flickr Studio 3

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Flickr Studio for iPad is one of those apps that has moved far beyond its initial purpose: conceived as a basic Flickr viewer, it has now transformed into a full fledged Flickr browsing, uploading and editing experience.

For its upcoming 3.0 release, the biggest challenge was to improve the interface with the basic idea that no GUI elements should ever overlap a photo.

Flickr Studio started out as a simple photo viewing app, a window on the millions of quality photographs that live in the Flickr sphere. But in just under 10 months it has evolved to be much more than just an iPad interface to Flickr.

“When I started out”, says app creator Robin van Mourik, “I was fed up with constantly syncing all my photos to my iPad, with no way to search through them. Since I have all my photos on Flickr, a native Flickr app for my iPad seamed like a dream app for me to create. As I got more and more excited about the possibilities the app has seen a burst of features in less than a years time”.

Continue via It’s time to touch your photos with Flickr Studio 3 at Dutch Daily News


Written by Kees Winkel

June 29, 2011 at 10:54

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