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Chinese Juggernaut Alibaba Is Building An Android-Killer

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Alibaba Group, one of the most powerful Chinese internet companies, is building its own mobile operating system, the Journal reports.

This is an unusual move for Alibaba, which is mostly an e-commerce destination. But if Amazon is building app stores…

The OS will be “cloud-based” with most applications in the cloud instead of having to be downloaded. And even though it will initially launched in China, Alibaba doesn’t rule out rolling it out elsewhere, the Journal’s source says.

It’s hard to overestimate how powerful Alibaba is, and how big and important the Chinese market is, so this is worth paying attention to.

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via Chinese Juggernaut Alibaba Is Building An Android-Killer.

Written by Kees Winkel

July 5, 2011 at 09:24

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