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Image-Based Transmission of Medical Paperwork to be Expected in the Near Future | Mobile Marketing Watch

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Mitek Systems, the developer behind depositing checks via camera phone, has created a similar technology for the healthcare setting.

Mitek now offers an API that allows smartphone app developers to utilize mobile imaging technology to automate processes that are otherwise paper-based. The process involves taking the information that is captured by a smartphone camera and transmitting it to the Mitek Mobil Imaging Cloud, which runs on the Amazon Cloud. A patented algorithm that reads print, handwriting, or script extracts data from the image, which then populates a form and is forwarded to the appropriate channel. If for some reason the image is rejected, the user is immediately informed of what the issue is.

Although this system is not limited to healthcare, it can simplify and expedite processes within the industry. This could include increasing the efficiency of processing documents such as paper prescriptions, insurance forms, or even patient history forms by removing many of the middle steps that increase the time between submitting the paperwork and receiving the service that was requested.

In the case of submitting an expense receipt for reimbursement through a healthcare flexible spending account, the copying, faxing, and waiting for the reimbursement check can be removed.

Instead, using the Mitek Mobil Imaging Cloud, all the patient has to do is take a picture of the document, which will populate the electronic reimbursement form. After the FSA administrator approves this submission, the payment is sent electronically.

Thus, mobile imaging technology can save patients both time and hassle, simplifying healthcare processes that can otherwise involve multiple technologies and a lot of waiting. In this manner, Mitek Mobil Imaging Cloud aims to connect patients to providers, insurers, and pharmacies directly, and is planned to be incorporated in healthcare companies’ mobile strategies by the end of the year.

via Image-Based Transmission of Medical Paperwork to be Expected in the Near Future | Mobile Marketing Watch.


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August 6, 2011 at 10:12

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