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Facebook Has Just Added In-Stream Ads – TNW Facebook

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Ads on Facebook have pretty much always had their place ; we know they’re going to pop up on the right hand side, clearly labelled under sponsored content. And up until the introduction of Sponsored Stories, we knew exactly what these ads looked like. They looked like – ads – promoting a service or company and following a standard format. Sponsored Stories changed that once when the content advertised became ‘natural’ stories on Facebook.

Now Facebook have gone one further than that and introduced something that has far-reaching consequences for the role of advertising on the site : ads in the newstream.

Now We Know Why The Ticker Was Built

When Facebook introduced its news ticker for apps, where you can see recent activity your friends have made on apps :

This is all well and good, as it provided a new way to discover friends’ activity on Facebook. But when this update was made, they kept something a little quieter – the fact that Sponsored Stories will now be appearing in this ticker as well. This is the first time that we have seen Facebook integrate advertising so seamless into the organically created content on the site, and it looks as if they’re experimenting with this in a ‘quieter’ place on the platform, away from the main newsfeed. As reported on Inside Social Games, the Sponsored Story will appear with the line ‘sponsored’ below, but this is hard to spot and apart from this it looks identical to the organic stories in the ticker :

This is a hugely significant change from Facebook, as it shows they are willing to blur the lines between natural and sponsored content in a way that they have never really done before. It seems as if they are testing this on the app news ticker softly, to gauge user reaction and the rate at which the sponsored stories are clicked ahead of the natural stories.

Read on via Facebook Has Just Added In-Stream Ads – TNW Facebook.

Written by Kees Winkel

September 2, 2011 at 08:41

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