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European mobile advertising to reach $1.03B by 2014, just $264M by year’s end

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Taken from Mobile Marketing Watch

According to UK-based research firm mobileSQUARED, the market for mobile advertising in Europe is set to reach the $1B mark by 2014.

The firm predicts the market will reach roughly $264M by year’s end and reach $400M by the end of 2012.  The “big five” — the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and France — are the top markets in Europe for mobile advertising spend and will account for a majority of the predicted spend over the next 3 years.  The firm admits that smartphone adoption — and in particular the growing dominance of Android — are “massively increasing the number of mobile Internet and app users and associated levels of available inventory to be exploited by the mobile ad networks.”  They had previously predicted the European ad market to reach $1B in 2015 instead of 2014.

Interestingly, in the UK alone, the forecast predicts that mobile banner ads will account for over 60% of the predicted spend.  Here’s some other data points from the forecast:

  • German, French and Italian mobile marketers will push 45% of spending into mobile banners
  • Smartphones will be adopted by nearly 40% of UK consumers by year’s end
  • 80% of mobile UK consumers are expected to be using smartphones by 2016
  • Smartphones are used by 28% of Italian and 25% of French mobile consumers

This data and more is available via the “Mobile Marketing Trends” section over at mobileSQUARED.



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September 17, 2011 at 11:53

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