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Astronaut and Robonaut shake hands on the ISS

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History is full of famous handshakes that symbolize a permanent change in the status quo. The 1945 Roosevelt-Churchill-Stalin triple handshake. The 1961 Kennedy-Khrushchev handshake. The 1972 Nixon-Mao handshake. The 1993 Rabin-Arafat handshake. The 2012 Burbank-R2 handshake? This historic clasping took place on February 15, 2012, when NASAs Robonaut 2 nicknamed R2 humanoid robot greeted Commander Dan Burbank aboard the International Space Station ISS in the first “man-machine” handshake in space.View allNASA has been developing humanoid robots for use in space for some 15 years. The key design goal was to develop a robot which could assist astronauts with tasks that are either too dangerous for people or too routine to waste the time of a highly trained astronaut the cost of having an astronaut in space is roughly US$25 per second. It was decided that the most appropriate design for a robotic helper that can use the same tools as do the astronauts was humanoid.Preceded by the Robonaut 1 technology demonstrator, Robonaut 2 nicknamed R2 was revealed in 2010. R2 was originally intended to be another technology demonstrator. However, when it was shown to mission managers, it performed so well they decided R2 was ready for prime time, and was delivered to the ISS early in 2011.

Carry on via Astronaut and Robonaut shake hands on the ISS.

Written by Kees Winkel

February 21, 2012 at 11:22

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