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Apple to reset iCloud backup data on Sep 22; iOS 5 launch imminent

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Apple posted an announcement on its developer boards on Sunday, warning existing users of the beta builds of iOS 5 and Mac OS X that the backup data on iCloud will be removed from its servers on September 22, according to a report by 9to5Mac:

On Thursday, September 22, the iCloud Backup data will be reset. Backing up to iCloud or restoring from an iCloud backup will be unavailable from 9 AM PDT – 5 PM PDT. If you attempt a backup or restore during this time, you will receive an alert that the backup or restore was not successful. After this reset, you will be unable to restore from any backup created prior to September 22. A full backup will happen automatically the next time your device backs up to iCloud.

iOS and Mac OS X developers have been testing the cloud-based service since June this year and are currently on its tenth beta. The company has stated that iOS 5, along with iCloud, will be launched in the fall, and it looks like we’ll be able to lay our hands on the OS before the end of this month.

via Apple to reset iCloud backup data on Sep 22; iOS 5 launch imminent.


Written by Kees Winkel

September 20, 2011 at 08:29

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Apple employees: We’re ‘just weeks away’ from an iPhone 5 with a ‘fairly different’ design

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Taken from TNW

We’re just weeks away from the iPhone 5 being announced, a phone that will have a ‘fairly different design’, according to a source speaking to The New York Times‘ Nick Bilton. Another source, also an unnamed Apple employee and has given the publication a few more details about the upcoming device.

For one, the design might not be all that different from the leaked Case-Mate designs that have been flying around the net earlier today in what appears to be a publicity stuntby the case maker.

The new device will have an 8 megapixel camera, something that has been expected since Sony’s CEO Howard Stringer hinted at it earlier this year and that has been bolstered by supply chain reports. Another employee, said to be an Apple engineer, indicated that it would be a fairly different phone from the iPhone 4, including the internal parts, which would feature Apple’s new A5 processor, currently used in the iPad 2.

Many of the items here are simply affirmations of what most of us feel are true about the new iPhone. An upgraded processor was always a 100% surety, and the 8 megapixel camera has been a fixture of rumors for some time now. There has been talk about the new iPhone being of a similar design to the iPhone 4 as we have seen parts that are eerily similar to the design of the current iPhone being produced, but definitely different in construction.

The indications from this source seem to clarify the fact that the iPhone 5, specifically, will look different than the current iPhone 4. This would make these mystery parts a redesign of the current iPhone to increase profitability or lower costs. This fits in with the idea of last year’s model being offered at a much lower rate to drive business in the low end of the market.

Whether that price is low enough to make the phone a success in the large, and largely untapped by Apple, pre-paid market remains to be seen. Regardless, the mentions of a ‘fairly different’ design are encouraging for those of us hoping to see a fresh new take on the iPhone debut alongside such a lower-cost version of the iPhone 4.

Update: This piece has been clarified to indicate that two separate sources were involved. Both are Apple employees.

Written by Kees Winkel

September 16, 2011 at 10:13

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China Telecom to accept iPhone 5 orders at the end of September

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According to a report by the Southern Metropolis Daily, China’s third largest mobile operating China Telecom has begun preparations for sales of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5, training staff to accept orders for the phone at the end of September.

Sources have indicated that the carrier has already announced availability of the device at one of its stores, with official sales beginning in October. The operator, now bigger than Verizon Wireless and the world’s biggest CDMA carrier, is predicted to sell more than a million next-generation iPhones by the end of 2011.

Company chairman Wang Xiaochu has already indicated the company will increase subsidies to tempt mobile customers to the network should they want an iPhone 5. This, coupled with a rumoured 1.5 billion yuan ($235 million) spend on marketing the iPhone 5, is likely to help Apple boost sales significantly in the country.

We reported yesterday on two independent reports indicating release dates for Apple’s iOS software and next generation iPhone. It was suggested that Apple will begin signing of its iOS 5 Gold Master from September 23, with a separate rumour suggesting the iPhone 5 will become available on October 15.

Apple has reportedly instructed Foxconn to boost its daily production capacity of the iPhone 5 to 150,000 units, supplying between 5 and 6 million units in September. With iPhone 4 orders being cut, supply of the iPhone 5 could hit 22 million units in the fourth quarter.

via China Telecom to accept iPhone 5 orders at the end of September.

Written by Kees Winkel

September 15, 2011 at 10:34

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Apple May Invest $1 Billion in Sharp LCD Plant – TNW Apple

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According to a sales note by MF Global FXA Securities released on Wednesday, Sharp may get an infusion of about a billion US dollars from Apple for its LCD manufacturing plant in Kameyama.

Apple routinely uses its massive cash reserves to shore up supplies of critical components from manufacturers in China, and is considering the investment in order to secure a stable supply of LCD panels for its iPads and iPhones. According to local media reports, Sharp is expecting an investment of 300 million yen ($1.3 billion) from the Cupertino company. That’s a lot of iPad screens.

Reports last week indicated that Apple was considering switching from LG to Samsung for the supply of iPad 2 screens owing to quality issues; perhaps Sharp has trumped Samsung in contention for Apple’s business. Or maybe Apple is looking at Sharp to supply the panels for the upcoming iPhone 5, or even the next iPad, whenever that arrives.

via Apple May Invest $1 Billion in Sharp LCD Plant – TNW Apple.

Written by Kees Winkel

August 18, 2011 at 11:00

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Apple’s iPhone 5 reportedly set for October, not September launch

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As TNW rumours:

Reports suggesting that Apple would be introducing its new iPhone 5 smartphone in September could have been scuppered after a report from AllThingsD’s John Paczkowski suggested the device will be unveiled one month later.

Previous reports indicated that US mobile operator AT&T had blocked employee holiday requests scheduled over the last two weeks of September, suggesting the launch of the new iPhone had been pencilled in for that period.

AllThingsD’s source said that those believing the holiday blackout was in preparation for the launch were misinformed:

“I don’t know why AT&T’s calling for all hands on deck those weeks, but it’s not for an iPhone launch.”

When asked when the iPhone 5 would launch, the source talked of an “October” unveiling, but declined to give a dedicated launch date. Other sources have said it will be late October, suggesting a holiday season push by the Cupertino-based company.

via Apple’s iPhone 5 reportedly set for October, not September launch.

Written by Kees Winkel

August 2, 2011 at 10:50

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Apple Orders 15 Million iPhone 5s For September

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Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry:

Apple has placed an order for 15 million iPhone 5s to ship in September to netbook-maker Pegatron Technologies, a supplier, according to DigiTimes sources.

The sources also said that the iPhone 5 isn’t very different from the iPhone 4.

Pegatron is a big Apple supplier, and worked with them on the iPhone 4, which allowed them to expand their plants. We wrote yesterday about how Apple uses its cash to help its suppliers expand plant and equipment, and get exclusivity and discounts on components in exchange.

“Apple’s… Exclusive Supply Chain Of Advanced Technology [Is] Literally Years Ahead Of Anyone Else On The Planet” →

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Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-orders-15-million-iphone-5s-for-september-2011-7?utm_source=alerts#ixzz1REFogI7N

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July 5, 2011 at 13:22

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