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Why Social Media Tools Have a Place in the Classroom : Tech News and Analysis «

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This is a nice article at GaGaOm. Actually, we are researching and experimenting the same issue at our faculty (both as research topic at Crossmedialab and in our teaching) in Utrecht. And for that matter, I know things like this are happening all around the world. Personally, I believe it is a great improvement.

The New York Times has an interesting trend piece on a number of teachers who are incorporating social media tools into the classroom to prompt more participation from students who might not otherwise speak up. The idea is that by using Twitter and other microblogging platforms, teachers can establish “back channels” to help foster a discussion and surface ideas that kids are too shy or intimidated to voice out loud.

The story has touched off a flurry of comments, with most condemning the trend as pandering to lazy Internet-addicted students, and arguing that it will not allow kids to shed their inhibitions but rather reinforce them. Others say it won’t challenge students to learn how to communicate as adults, and could foster less coherent thoughts that would be delivered in a more impersonal manner.

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Written by Kees Winkel

May 14, 2011 at 14:33

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