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Famous Quotes from the Battlefield

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As of 28 June 2011, I will try to gather what I call “Famous Quotes from the Battlefield”. These quotes may be silly, true, absurd, funny or regular full screen lies. Of course, you are invited to contribute. Please mail or comment me the quote(s) you found in the exact order as downstairs. Naturally your credits and if you wish your contacts will be added. Thanks.
  1. 28/6/11,  “It is clear that Apple is winning the war [in Europe. Red.], so any investment retailers make should be Apple compatible”, Rachel Smith, senior director of business services at Shopzilla, Europe,  www.shopzilla.com
  2. 28/6/11, “I think that we must educate the Roman Curia of what is the real meaning of communication […] Little by little they will perceive that this is the real meaning to be present, to have a relevance.”  Msgr. Claudio Maria Celli of the Pontificial Council for Social Communications
  3. 28/6/11, “There are now over 500,000 Android devices activated every day, and it’s growing 4.4% week per week”. Andy Rubin, Google’s VP of mobile at GiGaOm
  4. 30/6/11, “By increasing their reach, they [companies. Red.] are improving the way that users can be reached while on the move with mobile phones”, Ronan De Renesse, senior analyst and head of mobile at IHS Screen Digest
  5. 1/7/11, “Our target audience is males aged 25 to 35, so we know they spend a lot of time on both their desktops and mobiles,” Mr. J-P Schuirink, spokesman Heineken International in Mobile Marketer
  6. 5/7/11, “In a digital world, people like to complain eight times more than they like to compliment,” Stephen Gates, senior creative director of global brand design for Starwood, New York at Luxury Daily
  7. 7/7/11, “For us, the most important thing — our goal is a billion [users] and this will help us get there, ” Tony Bates, chief executive officer of Skype
  8. 1/8/11, “The ability to receive that offer, go to the store and have that offer redeemed seamlessly by virtue of paying with Google Wallet – that’s the one piece of deeper integration,” Charles Golvin, principal analyst at Forrester Research, Cambridge, MA
  9. 11/8/11, “Everyone knows that the internet has transformed how news is both reported and consumed. This fact—that news production and distribution changes—is the new (and only) constant. Change is normal. In the future a lot more stories will be uncovered that have been ignored for too long—stories that people actually want to read about but that the media gatekeepers either finds disinteresting or is afraid to report. The power is shifting from the media to the people. Cave canem“, Glenn Beck, Founder & CEO of Mercury Radio Arts
  10. 12/8/11, “The future of news is the future of civilization” , Steve Fowle, Editor of The New Hampshire Gazette
  11. 16/8/11, “Now it is clear that governments cannot keep their promises”, Julian Assange in The Toronto Star
  12. 02/02/13, “Print technology created the public. Electric technology created the mass”. Marshall McLuhan in ‘The Medium is the Massage’. Penguin, 1969

Written by Kees Winkel

June 28, 2011 at 12:03

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